Reader Reviews

Great stuff, good to see you publishing… I have an increased interest in autism research… very pronounced clusters in the Bay area… take care, aloha…
—Roger Persons, Lafayette, California

It has been many years now that Bob has been touching the lives of children in such a positive way. I want to thank you Bob. You were certainly a positive role model in my life, so much so that to this day I will still tell you, “I am a tough little cookie that won’t crumble.” 🙂
—Rachel Butrick-Stafford, Sparks, Nevada

I have read your books to all three of our children and even a few of their classmates. I am trying to get a D.A.R.E. program started at their school. Your books are very easy for the children to read and understand and also they aren’t afraid to ask questions when they are finished with the books either. Thank you for all the good you are doing in the world. We all love you.
—The Trisler Family, Summerdale, Alabama

I love reading your books to the kids that I teach. As a D.A.R.E. officer it is important to me that I give the kids a better chance of surviving with outstanding books such as what you have written!
—Dale Wood, Henderson, Nevada

What else can I say but well done? Just wanted to drop a line…
—John Foster, North Carolina

Great job! These books are very informative and useful. Bravo!
—Tijaho, Germany

Loved the first book—keep up the good work!
—K. Newman, Dayton, Nevada

“My husband loved Too Safe for Strangers. It is helping him explain and teach our 5 year old son about not trusting everyone and the reasons why. I think the illustrations are effective and simple.”

“I agree, all parents should have Too Safe for Strangers and teach their kids. Don’t let your child be a statistic.”

“Too Safe for Strangers is a “must have” book for all parents and their kids…from very young to newly independent going out alone without their parents. In this complex and rather dangerous world, it is critical for kids to understand how to avoid stranger abductions and stay safe. This book has a simple and effective method to deal with strangers so they are better prepared if they encounter a bad stranger. This book has very practical and easy steps to take to stay safe. It provides a helpful list of grownups who will help kids in an emergency. Highly recommended!”

“Too Smart for Bullies is a book that should be read by every child and parent! How often is a nice kid bullied…far more frequently that parents know. This book provides simple and practical steps to thwart bullies and avoid becoming their victim. It explains that children who encounter bullies should not keep a secret about them but should instead talk to an adult. The book provides a list of people you can talk to that you can trust to listen and help. Every child has the right to be safe and this book will help! The book includes a list of grown-ups who can help if there’s an emergency plus it has a safety test for kids. This is a book that should be read often so kids can be safe and happy!”

“For those who are raising kids today, you need to read Too Smart for Bullies. If this was part of a guide for parenting, it would help, especially single parents. Times are changing and I have no doubt a revision of this book will be in the future. Buy it now and protect your children.”

“These books are wonderful. They touch on the truth and children really seem to love them. Bob’s experience in the D.A.R.E. program shines through so these books can be enjoyed by both children and parents. Great information. Every parent should sit down and read these with their kids. Thank you Mr. Kahn.”

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