Barney is a Patrol Car created as a symbol that all children should be safe. Barney is the mascot for Child Safety Programs in Nevada. The first program established was “TOO SAFE FOR STRANGERS” which has been credited with foiling dozens of attempted abductions.

Barney’s latest endeavor is known as Teaching Our Youth Safety (T.O.Y.S.).  T.O.Y.S. addresses many important situations that children encounter every day. These programs include:

  • Too Safe for Strangers
  • Good Touch/Bad Touch
  • Too Smart for Bullies
  • Alone At Home
  • My Parents are Getting Divorced and It’s Not  My Fault
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Monster Tips For A Happy  Halloween
  • Say No To Gangs
  • Too Wise For Drugs
  • Gun Safety
  • My Grandfather Isn’t Here Anymore
  • Say Yes To GOD
  • Special Needs Children
  • Don’t Hide Abuse
  • Too Solid for Suicide